About Us


Dedicated team who get the job done!

 High-pressure cleaning is ideal for driveways and hard-to-reach areas like roofing systems. At Complete Pressure Cleaning, we offer all types of high-pressure cleaning solutions to our clients in Port Macquarie. We have a team of dedicated cleaners who use only the best high-pressure cleaning systems to effectively remove dirt and grime from certain parts of your home or business.


We look out for you and your family!

 We have specialised equipment like the latest pressure cleaners, sludge pumps and small machines that are perfect for any type of high-pressure cleaning job in Port Macquarie. Our high-pressure cleaning service even removes dirt and grime on high-rise buildings. We can get rid of awful graffiti on your walls and we can also remove mould and mildew in order to make your homes safer and cleaner for your family.


Sit back, relax and let us get the job done!

 Every high-pressure cleaning job that we do adheres to the environmental requirements in the country. Our high-pressure cleaners are perfect for pools and their surroundings, house exteriors and commercial properties in Port Macquarie that are otherwise too daunting to clean using only the standard equipment. Complete Pressure Cleaning provides domestic, commercial and industrial sites with high-pressure cleaning solutions that can definitely make your surroundings cleaner and more beautiful.