General House Cleaning Services Include

  • Hard surfaces
  • Stubborn stained surfaces
  • Fragile surfaces
  • Ageing surfaces
  • Eves
  • Gutters
  • Fascia
  • Down Pipes
  • Windows
  • Awnings
  • Gables
  • Fixtures



General Roof Cleaning Services Include

  • Disconnection of water tanks and down pipes
  • High pressure or chemical soft washing
  • cleaning of heavy debris from gutters
  • high pressure flushing of gutters
  • silt removal from underlying levels and/or road guttering as required

Driveway, Paths, Courtyards


General Driveway, Paths and Courtyard Cleaning Include

  • Clearing of heavy debris from silt boxes and box drains
  • High pressure or chemical soft washing
  • Flushing of all hard surfaces, box drains and silt boxes - including collection and removal of silt from road guttering as required

High-Rise Building


 General High-Rise Building Cleaning Services Include

  • Cleaning of all common exterior surfaces
  • Licenced elevated platform operator
  • Experienced in all aspects in the cleaning of High-Rise and Commercial properties
  • Difficult access specialist

Roof Painting


 General Roof Painting Services Include 

  • General roof clean
  • Standard and customised colour range
  • Repair of damaged or broken tiles
  • Repainting as required
  • Minor roof repairs
  • 2 coats of Bristol weather tough paints in which carries a 15 year guarantee

Driveway Clear and Coloured Sealing


 General Driveway Clear and Coloured Sealing Services Include

  • Cutting back of overhanging plants
  • General cleaning and oil, organic and mineral stain removal as required
  • Two coats of Avista acrylic sealer are applied by roller as opposed to spraying to achieve a thicker longer lasting coat with no chance of over spray
  • Setting and removal of pegs and tape after appropriate drying time